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Contrary to popular belief, sleeping through the night is a learned skill, much like potty training and table manners!

Our training seminars & workshops are run by Night-Nannies own Gabby & Anka who travel all over New Zealand to share their  “sleep” secrets and techniques in an informal two and a half hour session that will ensure that your child will establish healthy sleep routines right from the start and sleep through the night from about 3 to 4 months.

For Parents who’s older babies or children are not yet sleeping through the night they will help you to understand why not and work with you to formulate a child and family specific sleep routine that will help your child become a good sleeper for life.

Gabby & Anka also explain what to do when everything goes wrong (which it inevitably will from time to time). Finally they finish up with a Q&A session that covers any other questions that you may have. We recommend you bring a friend or partner. Please also bring a picture of your baby/child to share at the workshop.
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For expectant parents, the parents of new-born babies or parents who’s babies or children don’t yet sleep through the night.

$85 per person
(includes workbook, sleep diary & coffee or tea)
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