Weekend Away Take a night-nanny with you,  or leave them at hom
Taking a very young baby on holiday can be exhausting, a strange hotel, broken routines, late nights and missed naps can sometimes seem more trouble than it’s worth. Our solution is simple: take a night-nanny along - leaving you to enjoy a short break knowing that you can leave the baby & nanny at the hotel or holiday home and take that bike ride, go out for dinner and you won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to settle or feed the baby.

Your weekend away nanny will be on call for the entire duration of your time away so that you are free to choose how much time to spend with your baby - as little or as much as you like. Your night-nanny will also be on hand all night and in the morning - so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and a lie-in in the next morning.

If you baby is six months or older you may choose to leave the baby at home, while you have a short holiday (Friday 6pm - Sunday 6pm), secure in the knowledge that they will be expertly cared for by our capable, qualified and experienced week-end nannies who will maintain your normal ‘home’ weekend routine while you are away.

Please note: We are rarely cost effective for children over two years old - however we a hold list of suitable nannies for this age group.
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Booking & Agency Fee

Take the night-nanny (birth - 6 months old or if you are breast feeding)
Leave the nanny & baby at home (6 months - 2 years old)

7pm Friday - 7pm Sunday

Take the night-nanny:
$20 per hour away for one baby
$23 per hour away for twins or additional children under two

Leave the nanny at home with your baby:
$28 per hour for one or two babies & children

$150 (includes 12 month Night-Nannies membership fee)
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