Testimonials: What Parents are saying about Night-Nannies
“She’s been absolutely fantastic, wonderful with Alexander. She’s so calm, capable and experienced. If there’s anyway I could persuade her to be my full-time nanny I would! She’s so experienced that babies take to her instantly. We found it very difficult to let her go, she’s such a delight to have around the house. I’m looking for a daily nanny at the moment and I have to say that they fall short compared to Chris.”  Mrs Gee                                                                                                                 

“Our baby daughter was approaching her first birthday and still waking up several times a night, leaving us exhausted and unable to function properly during the day. We had tried everything to make her sleep better, from having her in our bed to controlled crying, but nothing seemed to work. Not knowing what to try next .... Our Night-Nanny came around one Saturday evening, to help us with the training and provide lots of practical advice. It is sufficient to say that only 3 days after her first visit our baby daughter was sleeping through the night and waking up in the morning looking happy, rested and ready to play. We have no hesitation in recommending Night Nannies!”
Mrs L Shepard

“Our Night-Nanny was always punctual, very friendly and approachable and extremely competent.  I felt really confident with her looking after our daughter during the night and she kept to the routine I was trying to follow as well as offering good, sound advice. I would highly recommend Night-Nannies and would definitely use them again if I needed to, as it meant I got a proper nights sleep knowing that my daughter was being expertly cared for.”
Mrs K Clements

“She’s absolutely great with our baby. Really helpful and very keen to take on anything. She gave us lots of useful help and advice. To be honest, she was a real lifesaver. I’m more than happy to recommend her and we will definitely be booking her again in the future.”  Ms French

“She’s been fantastic, she’s lovely. I would definitely recommend her she’s been brilliant.”
Mrs Carter

“Our Night-Nanny was great with my baby and was able to get him into a good routine. She is jolly and fits in really well and is a very warm and gentle person who is highly experienced with babies and extremely competent and reliable.” Mrs Rowson

“It’s been lovely having her as she’s been exactly what I wanted. She was so lovely and sweet to my son, cuddling him, soothing him and even singing to him. She is very patient and kind and gave me ideas without forcing them upon me. I would highly recommend her.”  
Mrs Mullick

"Our night-nanny has been absolutely fantastic - she gave me lots of advice and help - I wasn't washing the bottles properly and I had no routine. She was so gentle with the baby and me and my baby are now sleeping through the night - I can highly recommend her. The minute she walked through the door I knew my baby was in safe hands." Ms Williams

"Our Night-Nanny is genuinely wonderful - she has exceeded all of our expectations - the babies respond to her so well - she is genuinely splendid."
Mrs J Clarke (twins)
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