SuPERNANNIES  (6 months - 12 years) For when your child needs h
Our new troubleshooting service is here to help you if your child needs help with potty training, sleep or eating problems, sibling rivalry, temper tantrums or other behavioral issues.

One of our highly experienced troubleshooters will visit your home to observe your daily routine and then assist you to make changes that will help with your child’s or children's specific difficulties and return harmony to your family. Our supernanny will then remain with your family over three or four days &/or nights to implement changes. Finally they follow up a week later to troubleshoot any ongoing issues you may have and to reinforce new routines. Support is also available for three months following your Supernannies visit, by both phone and e-mail.

No longer just the preserve of TV shows our Supernannies can and will make a real difference to your families life. Please call us to discuss your exact requirements.
Who For:



Children from about 6 months to 12 years

Observation & Consultation with Parents: Usually 10am - 8pm
Day 1 & 2: 8am - 8pm (or by arrangement to suit your families particular needs).
Day 3: 9am - 7pm (or by arrangement to suit your families particular needs).
Follow-up: 9am - 5pm (or by arrangement to suit your families particular needs).

From $35 per hour
We’re here to help & we operate NZ wide, So call us today...
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