Sleep Training (Babies from about 4 - 5 months to children up t
Contrary to popular belief, sleeping through the night is a learned skill, much like potty training and table manners! If by four or five months (or four or five years) your baby or child is not sleeping through and you feel as though you’ve tried everything, we can help.

We use a variety of gentle techniques and strategies to suit individual babies and families and most babies/children will sleep through the night after three nights of training.

Initially our experienced sleep trainer will visit your home at “tea time” and observe your baby or child’s evening & bedtime routine. They will discuss your babies’ day-time routine and work with you to plan a suitable day and night sleep routine appropriate for your family and particular babies’ needs. For the following 3 nights they will assist parents to implement appropriate techniques which will encourage your baby or child to sleep through the night.

Our trainers follow up a week later with an additional night at your home to reinforce the new techniques, troubleshoot any issues you may have and to ensure that new sleep routines have been properly established. To ensure ongoing success, full e-mail and telephone follow-up support is always available.

Please note: Parents should expect Sleep Training to take a minimum of three consecuative nights, this does not include observation and follow-up. In some instances we may reccommend additional nights (particularly where the baby/child is over 18 months of age).
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Babies and children from about 4 - 5 months old who are not sleeping
through the night.
Observation & Consultation with Parents: 5pm - 10pm
Day 1 & 2: 7pm - 7am
(or whenever your child’s bed-time routine is due to start).
Day 3: 9pm - 7am
Follow-up Day 4: 7pm - 7am

$35 per hour
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