Frequently Asked Questions: What parents want to know....
What will my Night-Nanny do?
Your Night Nanny will arrive at 9pm and leave at 7am. These hours can be more flexible if prearranged directly with the nanny. She will not only care for your child but will also assist you in trying to guide your child to sleep through the night. The Agency will do its utmost to give you the same Nanny for the entire period that you require usually three months. After this, the baby or child is likely to have established a good sleep routine.

How long do I need a Night-Nanny for?
We recommend that you have a Night-Nanny between one to three nights a week, for up to 3 months (which is when most babies are sleeping through the night).

What duties do they perform?
A Night Nanny will do any of the following as required:
   Night feeds
   Change nappies
   Settle the child
   Prepare and sterilise bottles
   Dress and prepare the baby in the morning
   Give help and advice on getting the baby into a sleep routine
   Stay longer in the mornings to allow you a lie-in
   Guide older children to sleep through the night
  Give advice on breast-feeding
Your Night-Nanny is not responsible for domestic cleaning or laundry.
Please discuss your exact requirements directly with your Night-Nanny.

Who are your Night-Nannies & what qualifications do they have?
All our Night-Nannies have been carefully chosen by us because of their combination of qualifications, relevant experience, and passion for what they do. All our nannies have been carefully interviewed, references taken (and verified) and vetted by the police. We also insist that they attend our training & or refresher courses annually. These provide our Nannies with the most up to date information, techniques and first-aid skills and help us monitor and maintain consistently high standards.

Most of our Nannies are parents or grandparents themselves and this obviously brings with it invaluable experience.

How do we pay Night-Nannies?
All our Nannies are self employed and responsible for their own tax. Please pay your Night-Nanny at the end of her shift either by cheque or in cash, they will give you a recepit. Most of our services also carry a one off agency fee of $150 - which is payable when you join the agency. We also charge a small booking fee which is payable monthly by credit card.

What should we provide for our Night-Nanny?
Night-Nannies need a bed (either in with the baby or close to the baby’s room), easy access to tea and coffee making facilities (use of which will not disturb the rest of the house-hold), and access to your babies’ food & equipment throughout the night. We also recommend that your Night-Nanny should have access to a baby monitor (while you switch your monitor off). It is a good idea to discuss your nannies & babies exact requirements with your Nanny at interview.

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