Deluxe Over-night baby-sitting (for babies & children who are n
Helping hands when you need them: at night. For Parents who would like a good night’s sleep (or a much deserved night out), an experienced and capable night-nanny will come to your home, care for & feed your baby or child through the night. Breast feeding mothers can choose to express their milk or your night-nanny will bring your baby to you. Parents who bottle feed can leave everything to their nanny.

In the morning your nanny will feed, change and bath (as required) your child & wash and sterilise bottles - If you’d like a sleep-in, your night-nanny will play with your baby and care for them until you are ready to start your day.

Because our nannies have a wealth of experience with new babies, they are happy to advise on breast feeding, day and night routines and anything, in fact, about your baby’s first year.
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Agency Fee:
For babies and children who are not yet sleeping through the night.
For when you just need a good night’s sleep! (see here for sleep training)
From 9pm - 7am (extra hours by arrangement)

$195 for one baby (additional hours from $19.50 per hour)
$230 for twins / two children (additional hours from $23 per hour)

$45 per booking (payable by credit card)
$15 if you are a Night-Nannies member

None - although parents who are likely to use our services more than six times per year should consider becoming Night-Nanny members (click here).
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