About us: Who are Night-Nannies?
About the Company
Night-Nannies Ltd, was established in 1996 as Kidsafe. We initially recruited and trained young New Zealanders as Nannies, Teachers & Activity Instructors for employment with children’s summer camps, families and schools in the UK.

In 2007 we noticed, much to our surprise, that no one was offering Night-Nanny services in New Zealand. So here we are to put that right. We are very experienced at recruiting the right people to work with children and we also offer all our Nannies full training and refresher courses to maintain their high levels of skill and expertise.

The Night-Nannies Team
When you ring the our office ask to speak to Anka who deals with the day to day booking of Nannies & is in charge of recruitment with a little help from Gabby. Between them they have over 30 years experience of recruiting and training great people to work with babies and children. Gabby is a mothers and know what it is to be sleep deprived, while Anka is a professional Nanny & Nanny Trainer.

Our Senior Sleep Consultant
Chris splits her time between the UK & New Zealand. Parent and grand-parent she trained as a Nanny in the early sixties and has over 40 years experience of childcare, the last seven as a Night-Nanny & Sleep consultant.

Parents think she has magical powers and can put babies to sleep just by looking at them, but actually she is just incredibly kind, practical and highly experienced. Chris & Anka put together all our training programmes and writes our seminars and workshops.

Our Nannies
Our Night-Nannies are very special people and are based all over New Zealand. We look for a combination of experience, expertise and a passion for working with families and caring for babies. Most of our Nannies are parents (or grandparents) and have often also had careers in nursing, midwifery, teaching and other similar professions. All our Night-Nannies have a first aid certificate, experience, a clean police record, great references and specialist Night-Nanny training.

So If you need sleep after the birth of your baby (or babies) or help with teaching your older baby or child how to sleep through the night please give us a call. We have an 99% success rate at persuading babies to sleep through the night and we absolutely love what we do!
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